Announcing your engagement in the world of social media

These days, getting a ring on your finger isn't just followed by just a phone call to your parents. In a world where news travels faster than ever, there needs to be a carefully thought out battle plan that also adheres to modern etiquette.


Be aware that from the minute you announce your engagement you're on damage control, as that one rogue post on your Facebook can start a deluge you're not quite ready for.

May I recommend the following course of action to help control the news:

Phone calls

Go on, you're excited! Give your parents, siblings, best friends and favourite aunt a call. But beware: overenthusiastic friends should explicitly be told "please don't post anything on Facebook yet". This isn't guaranteed to keep them from digitally bursting with excitement to you and your mutual friends, but it should hopefully give you enough time for...


You could spend the whole evening of your engagement on the phone spreading the good news, but your recently-made fiancé may find himself enjoying the bottle of bubbly on his own if you do. Compose a message together letting your friends and extended family know and do a mass send out from each of you, so you cover all those you care about in your individual phone books.


Does everyone you care about most in the world know now? Good, you're ready for the next step. Where once upon a time, you might have found out about a couple you know in the engagement announcements of the Sunday paper, these days, Facebook is your go-to medium for getting news out there. Friends, acquaintances, old workmates and people you haven't seen since high school are just some of the characters who will come out of the woodwork to wish you well. Just enjoy it and ride the wave of feeling loved, as you only get engaged once!

A bit shy of the spotlight? A subtle post on Instagram or Twitter can often get the news out to those you care about, without the riffraff.

How about you?  How did you announce your engagement to your loved ones?